The Challenge

The Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) wanted to establish a Unit of Excellence to ensure the achievement of a sustainable future for the country’s water sector. In particular, the WAJ wanted to improve the overall quality and reliability of water and wastewater services. It also wanted to deploy Public Private Partnership (PPP) structures to encourage investment in the sector. To achieve these objectives, IPA assisted WAJ in developing capacity to design, structure and implement such projects, as well as to enhance overall monitoring of water standards and services in Jordan.

Our Solution

IPA supported WAJ in developing tools which would enable it to efficiently and effectively manage the water sector in a manner consistent with its objectives. This included the development of tools and procedures which would enable WAJ to capture and document all information about the sector, to make that information available to the general public and, thereby, to help improve the water sector. IPA also committed to a long-term engagement to provide consistent training to develop and enhance WAJ’s staff’s capabilities.

In delivering these requirements, IPA:

  • Developed a case study for the implementation of the As-Samra Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) as a BOT project;
  • Created high-level PPP Projects preparation guidelines, including:
    • Procurement procedures templates;
    • Checklist;
    • Risk management and allocation; and
    • Handbook and a process workflow for PPP projects.
  • Developed the high level structure for a PPP financial model; and
  • Provided ongoing training to PMU staff on rationale behind and implementation of the PPP guidelines.

Our ultimate aim was to support the PMU to build sufficient and sustainable technical capacity in order to help it achieve its objectives.