The Challenge

Osaka Gas is developing a new reformer process technology and wanted to assess the market potential for this unique natural gas reformer for land-based applications. To help develop a market entry strategy for this technology, the Client wanted to study the potential benefits of using the gas reformer for various pre-treatment applications in Europe (including Russia) and the Middle East and North Africa (EMENA). IPA was commissioned to assess the potential benefits of using the reformer for upgrading natural gas supplies, LNG and LPG to supply gas engines and gas turbines for power generation.

Our Solution

To help assess the market potential for this technology, IPA conducted a high-level market screening study for available gas supplies in the target locations and provided an assessment of application market. The review included an initial benefit analysis, with pros and cons of the gas reformer for various gas qualities and locations for use in gas engine and gas turbine applications.

The final markets and strategy report contained detailed appraisal of the markets in EMENA for specific cases where applications of Osaka Gas’ technology had been identified as advantageous. To give a best market analysis for LPG reforming market, IPA:

  • Quantified the market capacity based on high-level case studies for gas/LPG feedstocks in the target geographic regions;
  • Interviewed manufactures and operators of existing technologies, as well as potential adopters/end-users in other markets;
  • Reviewed the likely competitiveness of the proposed application with regards to alternative solutions;
  • Evaluated the indicative economics of fuel switching for target markets and cost benefits of applications; and
  • Defined relevant benefits regarding compliance with regulatory and environmental policy frameworks.

IPA proposed a high level business strategy, including commentary on business prospects informed by our analysis of responses from suppliers and adopters.