IPA provides bespoke insight and appraisal of the crude oil and refined product markets and projects, with a primary focus on the midstream (storage and pipelines) and downstream oil sectors.

IPA offers techno-economic, commercial and strategic advice and oil market and pricing analysis.  IPA has experience in country market supply and demand analysis, conceptual and pre-feasibility studies, and transaction due diligence reviews for oil refineries, storage terminal and pipeline projects. 

Our experts advise on commercial arrangements, transportation tariffs and investments using economic and financial models to illustrate its clear and compelling analysis.

IPA supports oil sector clients on energy security, continuity issues and on fuel substitution options, which have emerged due to fuel supply risks and pricing trends.  We have strong experience and expertise across the policy and regulatory aspects of the sector, and in conducting commercial optimisation studies.

Our experts are highly experienced in conducting technical due diligence reviews and risk assessments on midstream and downstream assets, including oil refining, petrochemical, pipelines and terminal facilities.