IPA has helped government entities develop water and wastewater sector policy, generating strategies aimed at maximising the achievement of overall government policy objectives. At the same time, our experts have helped create the regulatory frameworks required to encourage improvements in the provision of water and wastewater services and, if appropriate, facilitate private sector participation in the sector.

We have particular expertise in establishing and building the capacity of national sector regulators, thereby enabling them to carry out their functions more effectively, and facilitating the improved provision of water and wastewater services. This assistance has often also been delivered in parallel to water service providers, ensuring that both sides understand the regulatory process and that there is a complete, coherent and consistent approach to the development of service providers’ business plans, their reporting requirements and the regulator’s monitoring of their performance.

Our assistance to both private and public sector service providers has covered all elements of their business planning processes, including project feasibility studies and cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses, performance benchmarking, assessment of revenue requirement and implications for tariff structure and levels, and support in negotiations with regulators.