Modelling is one of IPA’s core capabilities, underpinning most of our energy and infrastructure project and market analysis. Our bespoke modelling solutions are rigorous and pragmatic and are tailored to each client’s need, by keeping objectivity at the forefront and complexity to a minimum.

Economic Modelling

IPA’s market modelling experience provides expertise in the development and operation of market simulations, used to support and inform investors seeking to enter new markets. 

Our models are used as well by governments and national sector regulators seeking to liberalise, restructure or reform existing markets, as well as consider issues such as affordability, security of supply and sustainability.

IPA produces specialist models for around the world and continuous development has kept us at the forefront of modelling the full complexity of future energy and infrastructure markets.

ECLIPSE™ (Emissions Constraints and Policy Interactions in Power System Economics) is our proprietary power market modelling framework, which has been adapted for use in a number of different jurisdictions ranging from single buyer to fully liberalised market structures.  ECLIPSE™ uses a deterministic linear programming approach which has been specifically designed to model the fundamental economics of the power and desalinated water industry, allowing for the complex interactions between the various economic, political, environmental and regulatory drivers which influence long-term market development.

Financial Modelling

IPA’s experts provide financial modelling services to private and public sector clients to assess the financial impact of commercial and contractual arrangements. We have experience in developing robust, clear and flexible financial models which allow clients to determine the implications for them of changes in future cash flow and the use of alternative capital structures such as Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and fund raising strategies.

IPA’s experts combine industry-specific knowledge with best practice techniques and tools to produce bespoke models which accurately capture each project’s unique economic and financial characteristics.

Computation of Weighted Average Cost of Capital for the Saudi Electricity Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Economic Consultancy to Support Smart Data and Communications Company’s Price Control for the Switching Programme and Smart Metering

United Kingdom

RusHydro Buy Side Due Diligence


Rogun Hydroelectric Techno-Economic Assessment Study


Independent Study on the Energy Security and Resilience of the Island of Jersey’s Energy Supply to Future Shocks


Review of Saudi Electricity Company’s Operating Expenditure, Capital Expenditure and Outsourcing Activities

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mozambique Domestic Gas Utilisation Study


Ranking the Competitiveness of Retail Electricity and Gas Markets at the National Level in the Members States of the European Union and in Norway

European Union and Norway

Bahrain Gas and Power Market Study


Gas to Petrochemicals in Nigeria


Review of WAGP Tariff structure


Vietnam-Laos Oil Pipeline Pre-Feasibility Study

Vietnam and Laos

Levant LNG Case Study


Oman Gas and Power Market Study


Compulsory Stocking Obligation Arrangements on Refiners and Non-Refiners in the UK

United Kingdom

Competitor Assessment and Financial Modelling for an Independent Electricity and Gas Connections Business

Great Britain

Economic Appraisal of the Requirement for Additional Ancillary Services for the Irish Integrated Single Electricity Market

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Review of Electricity Price Setting Mechanisms

Hong King Special Administrative Region

Establishment of a Unit of Excellence within the Water Authority of Jordan Planning & Management Unit (PMU)


Interim Head of RIIO Finance & Investor Relations

Great Britain

Distributional Effects of Half-hourly Settlement

United Kingdom

Market Monitoring Assistance


Weighted Average Cost of Capital Update for the Saudi Electric Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Audit of Disbursements Account and Review of Related Shrinkage and Balancing Transactions


Impacts of further Single Electricity Market reform and integration on Great Britain and the European Union

Great Britain and the European Union



London Array

London, United Kingdom

Middle East Refined Petroleum Products Market Study