IPA provides advice to countries worldwide on institutional development and reform. This can involve the unbundling of vertically integrated state-owned monopolies into separate business units to operate within the competitive market.

IPA advises and trains governments and national sector regulators on how such entities should be created, implemented, operated and staffed.

Capacity Building

IPA has a wealth of experience in institutional capacity building, having assisted in the establishment of economic regulatory authorities in Europe and the Middle East.

Governance and Change Management

IPA designs and assists national regulatory authorities with the implementation of organisational structures and procedures. We also advise utility companies on the internal management of regulatory affairs, including regulatory strategy.

Workshops and Training

IPA provides capacity building through the use of workshops, seminars and international study tours.

Computation of Weighted Average Cost of Capital for the Saudi Electricity Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Economic Consultancy to Support Smart Data and Communications Company’s Price Control for the Switching Programme and Smart Metering

United Kingdom

Independent Peer Review of Great Western Route Modernisation Peer Programme

United Kingdom

District Cooling Economic and Technical Regulations

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Independent Study on the Energy Security and Resilience of the Island of Jersey’s Energy Supply to Future Shocks


Review of Saudi Electricity Company’s Operating Expenditure, Capital Expenditure and Outsourcing Activities

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ranking the Competitiveness of Retail Electricity and Gas Markets at the National Level in the Members States of the European Union and in Norway

European Union and Norway

Compulsory Stocking Obligation Arrangements on Refiners and Non-Refiners in the UK

United Kingdom

Economic Appraisal of the Requirement for Additional Ancillary Services for the Irish Integrated Single Electricity Market

Ireland and Northern Ireland

AADC Regulatory and Advisory Support

United Arab Emirates

Review of Electricity Price Setting Mechanisms

Hong King Special Administrative Region

Gas and Water Regulation Workshop

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Establishment of a Unit of Excellence within the Water Authority of Jordan Planning & Management Unit (PMU)


Interim Head of RIIO Finance & Investor Relations

Great Britain

Market Monitoring Assistance


Weighted Average Cost of Capital Update for the Saudi Electric Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Audit of Disbursements Account and Review of Related Shrinkage and Balancing Transactions


Impacts of further Single Electricity Market reform and integration on Great Britain and the European Union

Great Britain and the European Union

Regulatory Independence and Best Practice Approaches to Regulation


B.Grimm Power IPO