IPA specialises in providing regulatory economics advice, with a wealth of experience in both the principles of regulations and their practical application.

Our areas of expertise include economic regulation, efficiency and benchmarking, and cost of capital.

Economic Regulation

IPA advises governments, national sector regulators and utility companies on price control, charging mechanisms and tariff methodologies. This includes the design of generation pricing mechanisms for markets where competition is limited or absent, cost reflective network access tariffs and equitable retail tariffs.

Efficiency and Benchmarking

IPA advises national sector regulators and utility companies on the methods used to assess efficiency and evaluate the expenditure of comparable businesses and also against external comparators, through a range of bottom up and top down benchmarking techniques.

Cost of Capital

IPA has extensive experience advising on cost of capital issues. Cost of capital is vital in issues such as the viability of an investment project and in setting companies’ revenues as part of a price review.